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15 Products that can be made from Hemp

The number of products made with hemp is endless and there should be more to come

There’s a myriad of products that you can make from hemp – from edibles to clothing, and fuel to motor cars!

Bet you didn’t know, though, that you can also use hemp to make your own beer. Now that’s a cool thought.

  1. Hemp Beer

How does that work, you may ask? Well, hemp and hops are kissing cousins, in the botanical sense of course, so together they make the perfect match for brewing beer. And that recipe is being used by breweries in America that make beer infused with hemp. Okay, there may only be a handful of breweries producing hemp beer at the moment, but surely this is a trend others will follow.

As you probably do know, hemp doesn’t contain the THC compound found in cannabis, so it doesn’t make you “high”. However, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the “weedy” flavor of a glass (or two) of hemp beer.

There are a number of other hemp edibles that you can could get hooked on, not literally, of course. Here are a few.

  1. Chocolate

Now who doesn’t love a slab of chocolate? Heavenly, right! Melt some chocolate, add a handful of hemp seeds, allow to cool, and once set sit back and enjoy your treat. Hemp seeds help to balance hormones, and to improve digestion as well as your metabolism.

  1. Tofu

If it’s soya beans that turn you off tofu, then why not substitute with hemp seeds? Simply use the same tofu recipe, but replace the soya beans with hemp seeds that are incredibly nutritious.

  1. Flour

Ground hemp has a dense texture, so mix it with the flour of your choice – one cup hemp to four cups regular flour is recommended to obtain the right texture. Hemp contains many wonderful nutrients such as fiber and essential omega fatty acids. Hemp flour is ideal for people with gluten intolerance.

  1. Butter

Hemp butter is rich and has a wonderful nutty flavour. You can make your own butter – there are loads of recipes available on the web – but it is also stocked in speciality food stores. Hemp butter’s content is high in fiber, magnesium and protein, making it an ideal choice no matter what your diet.

  1. Milk

Another dairy product is hemp seed milk – the perfect choice for vegans and for those who are dairy-intolerant.

  1. Protein Powder

The last of the edibles under our spotlight is hemp protein powder. As already mentioned, hemp seeds are packed with goodness and hemp protein powder includes all that good stuff like amino acids, antioxidants and essential nutrients.

  1. CBD Oils

On the medical front, CBD oils are now being prescribed to treat a number of deadly and debilitating illnesses and disorders and here, too, hemp plays a major role. Like hemp, CBD is the non-psychotic compound found in cannabis and is freely available because it complies with federal laws. Packed full of cannabinoids, industrial hemp is being used to manufacture CBD oil – a great option for patients needing the healing powers of cannabis without the after-effects of a marijuana “high”.

  1. Cosmetics

On the cosmetic front, hemp is being used in an array of lotions and potions, from sun-screens to nail polish. Rich in Vitamin A, C and E, as well as fatty acids and antioxidants, hemp seed oil contains nutrient-rich benefits for all skin types. It has been shown to clear acne, slow down the skin’s aging process, and to clear fatty pores. It’s no wonder then that hemp oil is becoming an increasingly popular additive to cosmetic ranges.

  1. Shampoo

Many shampoos strip hair of its natural oil, leading to dry and brittle hair. Because of its high content of omega fatty acids and Vitamin E, hemp oil is a nourishing and healthy alternative that also helps to stop hair loss.

  1. Nail Polish

The key elements to healthy and strong nails are fatty acids, Vitamin E and protein, all contained in hemp oil. Apart from keeping nails in good condition, hemp oil nail polishes also help to build and repair nails.

  1. Fuel

One of these days you could be filling your car with hemp fuel and not gasoline! Hemp is being processed in biodiesel and ethanol/methanol fuel products. When one considers that hemp fuels are considerably more eco-friendly than petroleum products, and far more cost-effective, then one can only hope that hemp stations will soon become a reality.

  1. Motor Cars

Remember when Jay leno made a splash in his flash hemp sports car? Well the appearance of the Renew Sports Car on his “Jay Leno’s Garage” TV show has brought a whole new meaning to eco-friendly driving. The body of the car is made up of hemp fibers coated with a hard resin crust. Only time will tell if hemp cars will be fad or fashion.

  1. Surfboards

California’s beach boys will no doubt love these hemp surfboards that are 100 percent bio-degradable. Hemp fibers that are super-strong as well as UV-resistant, are combined with natural materials in this production line.

  1. Animal Feed

And, finally, something for our farming friends – hemp animal feed. These products are packed with essential proteins containing easily-digestible albumin and edistin that are free of antibiotics, unlike corn. It poses no health hazards and is a nutrious feed for farm animals.


Although the world is filled with cannabis critics, there can be no doubt whatsoever of the all-encompassing good qualities derived from this herb. And when it comes down to hemp, the variety of products that can be made from this marijuana plant is endless, while the possibilities for future inventions are very exciting, indeed.


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