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It Would Appear That CBD Can Make Your Life So Much Better

Potions and lotions, vaping or eating, no matter the shape or form, CBD is taking the world by storm.

This trend-setting offspring of the cannabis family has even won the hearts of the anti-marijuana feds who have given the go-ahead for the launch of a CBD pharmaceutical, called Epidiolex, which is used to control rare forms of epilepsy in children.

But while CBD might be the flavor of the month, it doesn’t mean that you can throw away your prescription meds or that this cannabis-based medication is safe for everyone, says neuroscientist and cannabis activist Michele Ross. She points out that there is no substance on the planet that is safe for everyone to take so CBD won’t necessarily make everything in your life better.

There can be no denying, however, that CBD boosts the body’s natural cannabinoid system which, in turn, improves our overall wellbeing. Ross says our cannabinoid systems regulate everything and if that stops functioning then nothing will work properly. Despite regular exercise, people who feel tired and run-down are probably suffering from an endocannabinoid deficiency which CBD can correct, she says.

Understanding CBD

The list of disorders being treated with CBD is continuously growing longer and there have been dozens of reports about its wonderful healing powers and ability to dissolve pain. Among the medical conditions being treated with CBD are anxiety, arthritis, drug addictions, epilepsy, inflammation and chronic pain. CBD is now also being hailed as an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, post-traumatic stress disorder, endometriosis and fibromyalgia.

Having a better understanding of CBD will clear up many of the issues clouding the subject. Firstly, CBD is legal in all its forms provided that it has been extracted from the hemp plant which is non-psychoactive. Products that are labeled as industrial hemp CBD are legal throughout the country, even in those states that have not approved the use of medicinal or recreational marijuana. And, as mentioned earlier, the product range of CBD is extensive, including coffee! The president of the Colorado-based Strava Craft Coffee, Andrew Aamot, is emphatic when he states that cannabis is not an evil gateway drug but rather a plant sympathetic to the workings of our bodies. Aamot believes that CBD assists to balance our bodies and improves our wellbeing.

He says people he knows in Colorado prefer to use cannabis to relax or recuperate rather than prescription drugs and alcohol. Aamot describes these cannabis users as “perfectly high-functioning individuals” who regard cannabis as a better way to live life. CBD, says Aamot, has all the benefits of weed without the high and, because of these qualities, has begun opening many doors.

CBD comes in all shapes and sizes. There are oil tinctures, capsules, gummies, candies, chocolates, bath bombs, lotions, balms and, of course, coffee. You can swallow it, smoke it or vape it, and undoubtedly industry entrepreneurs will come up with more forms in which to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

What’s important to remember is that there’s CBD and then there’s CBD. Confused? Well, don’t be. CBD oil extracted from hemp plants is the non-psychoactive form which is being widely used to treat medical disorders. CBD extracted from the marijuana plant contains what is now being termed “the entourage effect”. This is generally labeled as full-spectrum (entourage) or whole flower, as opposed to isolate, which is the hemp plant extraction.

The entourage effect is described as the total impact of the synergistic benefits from all the compounds contained in the plant by Gabrielle Francis, who is a naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, and licensed massage therapist. Francis says whole flower CBD has a balanced effect on the body, while isolate CBD is used to treat specific physical and mental ailments.


No matter its shape, form, or size, CBD is impacting our everyday lives and, according to most of the research done to date, that impact is generally more beneficial.

Hemp-based CBD is safe for consumption and is being widely embraced as a non-intrusive and extremely effective medication to treat a number of debilitating disorders.

So, the answer to the question of whether or not CBD can really make your life better would appear to be an overwhelming YES!

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