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The Beginners Guide for the Best Vape Pens

When most individuals think of marijuana they envision people smoking a joint or taking hits from a bong while clouds of cannabis smoke fills the air. Luckily times are changing and the stereotypical images are slowing fading from the general consensus. Bongs, joints and even marijuana brownies or cookies are no longer the only method to ingest marijuana. The use of vaping has been growing in popularity lately and this method, know as ‘vaping’ has its fair share of benefits. Vaping is more than just mere convenience, vaping offers various other benefits as well and we will be exploring these and how a beginner can start to vape and which is the best vape pen to choose.

How does vaping work?

The most efficient way to vape is to use CBD oil for your vape however you can use dried bud in your vaporiser as well. There are many who believe vaping to be a healthier option to smoking marijuana, and for fairly obvious reasons. Smoking usually causes toxins to be released into your lungs while vaping prohibits these toxins from entering your respiratory system. Vaping works by using different methods, depending on the vaporizor.

Conductive Heating

This process uses heat via electricity. The oil or dried bud is placed on an area that is heated via electricity. This ‘hot plate’ is raised to a specific temperature and then the heat is transferred through the device’s ‘chamber’. The heat is what cause the oil or dried herb to become vapour, which is then inhaled.

Convective Heating

This is one of the most sought after vaporisers. This type of vaporiser uses simple air to vaporise the marijuana. The air is heated to a specific temperature and then the heat travels through the chamber (either by inhalation of the user or an installed fan) and then it arrives to the oil or the dried nugget of weed. This heated air transforms the cannabis into vapour.

Radiant Heating

This type of vaporiser uses heat that comes from one of two sources; a light source or electricity. This heat then travels to the marijuana oil or bud and it slowly raises the cannabis’s temperature until it becomes a vapour to be inhaled. There are some types of radiant heated vaporisers that actually use a battery as well to move the heat through the chamber towards the marijuana. In addition to this, some of these types of vaporisers use a hybrid of radiant heating and conductive heating as well.

There are many different types of vaporisers and finding the best one for you can prove to be a challenge. The following is a list of the different types of the most popular vaporisers and will help you to decide which is the best one for you to use.

Direct Draw Vaporizers

These vaporisers are models that have a mouthpiece that is connected to the heating piece. This allows the vapour to have an even and steady path towards the person using this vaporiser. Some of these models are manufactured with a permanent mouthpiece that is attached to it while other vaporisers of this kind are manufactured with a glass type of stem that can be removed as the user pleases.

Ballon Vaporizers

This is a kind of vaporiser that uses a bag that is attached to the primary unit. This bag can be removed and reattached. The benefit of this is that is reduces the amount of possible vapour loss. If the person using the         vaporiser detaches the bag then the loose mouthpiece can be fixed to the bag and the vapour is then inhaled from the bag. The bag, in the same way as a joint, can be passed around and shared. This is a population vaporiser found in the Amsterdam coffee shops. A word pf caution for this type vaporiser comes with a word of caution though, because in the United States of America it is against the law (depending on the state you are in) to share marijuana, whether recreational or medical.

Pen Vaporizers

These little gadgets are just as the name suggests. In the same design as a pen, or an E-cigarette this is one of the easiest and affordable vaporisers. It is also among the most discrete, making it the top choice for many beginner vaporisers as well as the more season vape veteran. These gadgets usually use the conduction heating so make sure you ask your dispensary staff or your most trustworthy website on the correct way of using it.

Portable Vaporizers

This little gem is the most popular choice for frequent travellers. This portable vaporiser is slightly larger than the pen however it is rechargeable. You can choose between using a flame to turn your bud into vape or butane.

Stationary Vaporizers

These are also known as desktop vapes and as the name hints at, it needs to be plugged into a power source to work. However this downfall is made up in its variety of other features like compartments to stash your stash. This is a perfect choice for if you are looking for a vaporiser to use only in one place.

Tubing Vapes

These crafty gadgets are also known as the ‘whip vape’ and can use many different types of systems. These are much larger vapes, usually around three feet long. These vapes are crafted using silicone and has a mouthpiece that is connected to a tube made of glass that houses the cannabis. This is the vaporiser to use for those that love bongs but need a healthier alternative, or just for those that want to enjoy their marijuana in one place with a little bit of a funky vibe.

Vaporizing is fairly new (compared to blunts, bongs and brownies) in the cannabis world and is quickly becoming a favourite among many because of the health benefits compared to regular smoking. It is a discreet method of enjoying your herb and if you are looking for the best vaporiser to use than think about the rolling:

-do you want it to be portable or to stay in one place

-what size would you like it

– what heating method (if any) would you prefer

By asking yourself these questions you will easily find the best vaporiser to suit you.

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