How CBD Works

CBD Extraction- The Seeds, Stalks and Buds

How is CBD obtain from the Hemp plant?

Firstly, let us start off by acknowledging that nearly every drug that comes from a pharmacy or company has its origins in nature. This can be the raw materials or the chemical components. The name ‘alkaloids’ is given to compounds that stem from the plant kingdom. After the extraction process, the scientists or chemists alter the plant-based compound into an active drug that is targeted for a particular purpose. The drug can have many different effects on the body and can cause various reactions, this is a difficult thing to avoid and this seems to be the main reason that individuals and society as a whole is veering off the pharmaceutical drug track towards a more wholesome and traditional healings and medicines.

This is where cannabis and the potential medicinal benefits are gaining traction. studies have shown that cannabis was used thousands of years ago and while the pure reason for the use of cannabis cannot as yet be sure it does point towards healing. It has been shown that Cannabis was used many years before any pharmaceutical drugs were even a thought.

It can be difficult or impossible to ensure that a drug will have only one effect on the body however, and that fact is what makes many health-conscious individuals look outside of the traditional pharmaceutical industry for remedies that are more natural.

Even Cannabis and the products derived from the plant are required to undergo an extraction process before the body can assimilate it. There are various different extraction processes to obtain CBD, including many processes that use butane and ethanol. The most efficient method involves processes that use pressurised C02.

Extraction from Seeds

The whole food industry has boomed in recent years and this boom has brought many different products, including Hemp Seed Oil. This oil is made from an extraction of the hemp seed and is very popular amongst health food advocators. Often this Hemp Seed oil is used in different CBD supplements as well. Additionally, the oil can be found in the ingredients list of many different beauty products. Hemp Seed Oil has many different health benefits as well. These health benefits are mainly due to the essential fatty acids that the body can assimilate. It is important to note that hemp seed oil and regular hemp oil are two different products. In order to obtain CBD oil from the seeds the extraction process involves pressing, grinding, or a method of applying intense pressure to the seeds. This pressure is applied at below 120F and is called cold pressing. This is just one method that can be used to obtain CBD oil from hemp seeds. Olive oil, ethanol and super critical C02 (pressurised C02) can also be used. The super critical C02 method is the most complicated and costly one however it is arguably the best method to use.

Extraction From Stalks

CBD extraction from the seeds is one of the most common extractions however CBD extraction from stalks involves the same methods. Super critical C02 as an extraction method is used for extraction from stalks as well. The FDA has declared that super critical C02 extraction method is “Generally Regarded as Safe”. The commercial food industry has also begun using this extraction method. This method has been deemed as non-toxic and and is embraced as the primary solvent when CBD is extracted for all types of products in the industry. Once the solvent has been removed then the oil that is obtained has a naturally potent level of pure CBD.

CBD Oil Obtained from Flowers

Industrial hemp is simpler to grow legally and this is why the majority of those who use CBD oil users prefer it. Industrial hemp also has a higher percentage of CBD as apposed to the marijuana plant. In order to legally make CDB oil from flowers of the plant than you need to ensure that the flowers used have THC levels lower than the legal amount permitted. You need to check with your state regulations to know what your state limits are. In addition to these restrictions you need to bear in mind that you cannot use an extraction method that uses butane or explosive solvents.

Also, if you wish to use marijuana instead of hemp then you can do some research in the different strains of marijuana. For example, the strain Charlotte’s Web was developed specifically for the purpose of treating a child that had a very rare and fatal form of epilepsy. The CBD levels in Charlottes’s Web are very high and are in accordance with most hemp plant’s CBD levels. Another strain is Bluebird Botanicals. This strain also uses flowers to obtain the extract. The most vital step in extracting from flowers is a process called chromatography. This process ensures that unnecessary phytochemical are excluded from the oil. In specific, chlorophylls are removed which allows for a purer form of CBD oil.

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