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Does CBD Oil have Side Effects?

In order to be a responsible consumer, you should consider what the side effects of CBD are. Whether you are a new CBD oil user or you have been using cannabis for years nearly everyone would have asked themselves the question: “What are the side effects of CBD? Or, “Does CBD have any side effects?”

CBD (Cannabidiol) do have some reported side effects. Obviously, if you are a first time user you are curious as to how the CBD oil will make you feel or how your body will likely react to it. First and foremost, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. This means in simple terms that CBD oil will not alter your mind or create that ‘high’ that is usually associated with marijuana. This is mainly because CBD oil that comes from the hemp form of cannabis contains trace amounts of THC (the cannibidol responsible for the psychoactive effects). CBD oil is completely non-psychoactive and any trace THC that the hemp plant does contain will be counted out by the CBD content. This means that CBD will not have any effect on the following:


-Reaction time


-Sensory Awareness

-Personality Behaviour

This is due to the fact that the hemp plant is a certain type of the cannabis family that contains no more than 0.3% THC. This percentage is almost a third less THC that is found the marijuana consumed for its psychoactive properties. CBD has a countering effect on THC. The properties of CBD are actually anti-psychoactive. The THC works by stimulating the body’s CB1 receptor, which is the same receptor that CBD blocks and acts as a protector, preventing the THC from binding with that receptor.

So, we know what side effects CBD does not have. Now what side effects does CBD actually have?

CBD is derived from hemp plants, which are part of the cannabis sativa family. Hemp contains cannabinoids such as CBD and these cannabinoids stimulate and bind with the body’s own endocannabinoid system. This endocannabinoid system holds the key to maintaining homeostasis within the body. This central system needs to ensure that essential bodily functions are maintained such as sleep patterns, immune system, moods, anxiety, pain, appetite, and many more. Every single day our bodies need to deal with influencing factors that effect our systems. And CBD is one of the main cannabinoids that helps our body to maintain this homeostasis.

CBD has shown to be well accepted by the body and is safe for consumption in moderate amounts. High doses should be avoided and CBD can be safely consumed for six months on a daily basis as long as the recommended amount of 300mg per day is not exceeded.

Some side effects have been reported by users. They are as follows:

-Dry mouth

-Light headedness

-Drowsiness (this one is to be expected since CBD oil is used by many as a remedy for insomnia).

There have been many limited studies performed on CBD and its effects on the system. The following have been reported by many of these studies to not be effected by CBD:

-Blood Pressure

-Body Temperature

-Blood Sugar or Glucose levels

-Heart Rate

-Acidity or Alkalinty levels (Ph levels)

-Red blood cell volume

-Potassium and sodium levels

It must be observed that while there are no known side effects from CBD oil it is a under studied cannabinoid that needs to be investigated and studied further. Any new user or anyone new to the plant should use the CBD oil sparingly and ease up to a higher dose if intended. Acknowledge how your body responds to the CBD oil as many individuals have reported differing effects and reactions. There have been no reported FDA approved human trials done with CBD oil or the CBD cannabinoid and this is the main reason why there are no official released FDA approved reports on the side effects or lack thereof for CBD oil. And the main reason for this is that cannabis is still illegal under federal law.

For those that want to begin using CBD oil, find a low dose that suits you and use that as a starting point. Then gradually work the dosage up until at the dosage that has been recommended for you (if any). Gradually increase this dosage each week. Be sure to monitor how you feel and if there are any reactions to the CBD.

Once your ideal daily dosage has been reached then you can decide whether or not you wish to increase the dosage further or to remain at the current dosage.

Always remember to use a pure CBD oil and to monitor how you feel after using the CBD oil. With the increased use of both recreational and medicinal marijuana across the United States, it is only a matter of time before ‘official’ statements are released about the plant and the cannabinoids such as CBD. However, even when these are released, it is important to always use your own judgement and trust your own body and reactions when it comes to using CBD oil.

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