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There are various benefits hemp CBD oil can offer for the skin and hair when applied topically. But how exactly can the hemp oil offer health benefits for the skin and hair?

CBD oil derived from hemp contains the cannabinoid CBD (Cannabidol)as well as other vitamins and minerals. These all have various health benefits and when CBD oil is applied topically to skin then the skin absorbs all of these vitamins, nutrients and the CBD. The body contains cannabinoid receptors throughout the body and the skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and CBD can offer the skin a myriad of potential benefits by treating anything from irritated skin to skin cancer. For those concerned about absorbing CBD into the blood stream, there is no cause for concern as the CBD is applied directly onto the skin and the troubled area.

With the global revenue estimates from hemp and CBD oil reaching an all time high, it is easy to see that CBD and hemp oil is gaining recognition as a viable alternative treatment option. Even though there are limited scientific studies to back up health claims, people are embracing CBD for its potential skin treatments, among other health benefits.

The health and beauty industry has been raking in a progressively larger number each year, and this year it is set to bring in a staggering $265 billion. However the majority of these products that are sold to contribute to this number contains many synthetic and chemical ingredients, whose effect is little known.

CBD oil, in its most pure state, is a natural and effective alternative to these drugstore products. The following points share information on how CBD can be an effective tool for various skin issues:

What nutritional value does hemp and CBD have?

Nutrition is one of the most simplest ways to healthy skin and hair. This means that hair and skin requires the right combination and amounts of vitamins and minerals to be healthy. If we were able to get all of this from our diet alone, then we would not need an arsenal of beauty products. CBD hemp oil contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and omega acids. Hemp contains a high content of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids acts to keep hair soft, smooth and healthy. These healthy acids also have a positive effect on the skin’s protective layer. The outer layer of the skin is regenerated and maintained by these fatty acids which helps to maintain a youthful and bright appearance. One possible cause of acne is a lack of the fatty acid omega-3.  CBD hemp oil could rectify that imbalance by adding omega-3 directly to the troubled area.


Basal cells are 90% of the cells in the skin. In 2010, the Journal of Investigative Dermatology published a study that stated the endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in the life cycle of these cells. This means that in order for our skin to healthy, our body needs to be able to generate the growth of new cells and be able to get rid of dead cells. Those who are wishing to find ways to make skin look younger and radiant are focused on the manipulation of this pivotal endocannibinoid system.

Studies have shown that CBD holds the potential to be a powerful antioxidant, even more powerful than the acclaimed Vitamin C. Antioxidants help to keep skin safe from the many environmental pollutants and free radicals that stimulate early again and damaging the skin. Wrinkles and fine skin lines are caused by the free radicals in polluted environments while the antioxidants protect the body from the damages these free radicals cause.

The Neorobiology of Aging performed a 2012 study on mice. The results from the study showed that mice bred without CB1 receptors had an increased rate of skin ageing.


Acne is not just isolated to teens: there are many adults that suffer from the embarrassing ailment as well. There are many factors that contribute to the onset of acne including stress, hormonal changes, medications, and even some skincare products. The essential cause of acne is an excess production of an oily substance called sebum. Sebum is produced in the body to actually protect the skin. Sebaceous glands are found near the hair follicles and they produce lipids which are responsible for various functions. These lipids act as a barrier to prevent bacteria from being absorbed and they also act as a waterproofer for the skin. Both sebaceous glands and hair follicles contain receptors for endocannabinoids. This means that they react and are affected by cannabinoids.

Over production of lipids causes acne while the under production of lipids causes eczema. When oil, dirt, skin cells or bacteria clogs the pores then the result is acne; an inflammation or blemish on the skin.

CBD has a vast range of effects on all of these issues mentioned above. CBD can be used to manage the production of the oils in the skin and CBD also prevents the over production of lipids, making CBD an efficient preventative oil for acne. CBD can also be used to manipulate the endocannabinoid system into triggering an increase in the output of sebum, which works to end dry skin.

The most potent property of CBD could arguably be its anti-inflammatory property. This property helps to controls and heal acne, because the blemished area is inflamed. The blemish is an infected, inflamed area of the skin and CBD assists by treating it with both antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Other Skin Conditions

CBD hemp oil contains many components that offers benefits for anti-aging and acne treatment however hemp CBD oil holds potential for various other conditions as well. There have been many studies conducted but one study done by the British Journal of Pharmacology discovered that CBD and CBG (cannabigerol) can affect the cell proliferation and differentiation. This means that more sever issues like skin cancer and allergies. CBD oil work as an anecdote on issues like moles, warts and even possibly the HPV virus. How it works is like this; CBD can trigger the death of the cell in an abnormal cell or cell group. However there is a lack of human trials and research in this area that has yet to offer proof.

Through certain small studies CBD hemp oil has been shown to assist in the treatment of eczema as well. The exact cause of eczema is unknown however there are some who are led to believe that the cause has something to do with the inflammation of the skin and a type of allergic reaction.

Psoriasis is another condition that researchers are unable to produce a known cause for. It is however, suspected to be connected with immune system issues and white T cells in the blood. Researchers are looking into the potential benefits that cannabinoids can offer the immune system regulation and inflammatory effects in an effort to treat the symptoms of psoriasis. In addition to this, there has been significant research done that shows that CBD can offer an effective treatment option for melanoma. CBD has an ability to trigger and manipulated cell growth and death, and this is what is causing researchers to investigate how CBD can be used to treat skin cancers.

CBD hemp oil is still at the early stages of research, even though there are thousands of people who have testified to the benefits and results.

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